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Not Cut Out For It

I said to my son today, “Son, you’re just not cut out to be a mime artist.”

He said, “Is it something I said?”

I said, “Yes.”

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Wifi Password

I visited a coffee shop where the Wifi password was wedonthavewifi.

It was a very frustrating conversation with the cashier.

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Bank Robber

A young man robbed a bank wearing a suit made of many mirrors.

But he turned himself in after taking some time to reflect.

Luckily the judge was lenient as he saw a lot of himself in the young man.

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If you need to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, make sure they’re the same.

Then you’ll have a match.

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Airplane Mode

The sky was looking ominous so I asked Siri, “Surely it’s not going to rain again today?”

She replied, “Yes it is, and don’t call me Shirley.”

I guess I left my phone in Airplane mode again.