Divergent QuizDivergent Quiz

Do you think you know your factions?

If so, test your knowledge of the Divergent book with our great Divergent quiz.

Share your results with your friends and get them to take the Divergent test too!

Divergent is set in a post-apocalyptic version of which U.S. city?

What faction must always wear at least one article of blue clothing?

What does the faction Amity stand for?

What is Tris Prior's full first name?

On Choosing Day, which faction was chosen by Tris?

The Simulation Serum is associated with which faction?

Of which faction are both Tris's parents members?

Jeanine Matthews is leader of which faction?

Which author wrote the Divergent trilogy?

Which member of Dauntless commits suicide after being rejected by Tris?

What is Four's real name?

Who shot and killed Will?

Divergent Quiz

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