See how many of these rhyming Christmas riddles for kids you can answerRhyming Christmas Riddles For Kids

We've published a selection of Christmas riddles before, and now here's a great collection of rhyming Christmas riddles for kids.

Every answer has something to do with Christmas and the festive season. How many can you get right?

We're four-legged beasts who pull Santa's sleigh,

If you've been good we'll pull him your way.

What are we?

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His body is round, with a carrot for a nose.

He loves to be cold, from his head to his toes.

What is he?

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A snowman.

Your gifts are found under me, on top of me a fairy.

Hung with baubles and bright lights, I bring cheer on cold Christmas nights.

What am I?

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A Christmas tree.

Counting down to Christmas with me can't be beat,

Behind every door there lies a tasty treat.

What am I?

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An Advent calendar.

Rip me off quick so I no longer hide,

Your precious gifts that are concealed inside.

What am I?

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Wrapping paper.

My shape may remind you of a hockey stick,

My stripes are red and white and I'm something you lick.

What am I?

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A candy cane.

Though I may look like I belong on your toes,

I'm hung up for gifts as every child knows.

What am I?

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A Christmas stocking.

A colored strip used to decorate your tree,

Metallic and shiny you'll find me.

What am I?

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Santa sits on one of these as he delivers his gifts,

You can ride one too through the snow drifts.

What is it?

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A sleigh or sledge.

I'm Santa's little helper, I'm loved by both girls and boys,

For all through the year, I work hard building their toys.

Who am I?

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An elf.

Climbing down chimneys may often seem weird,

But not when it's this old man with a white beard.

Who is it?

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Santa Claus.

Christmas Riddles For Kids

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