Funny Blonde JokesFunny Blonde Jokes

They may be stereotypical but these funny blonde jokes are still hilarious. And if you're a blonde, please don't take any offence - just switch the word "blonde" for "redhead" or "brunette" and you can laugh at them too!

So whatever your hair color, we hope you enjoy this collection of the best funny blonde jokes...

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Funny Blonde Police Officers Joke

Two blonde police officers crash their patrol car into a tree.

After a moment’s silence, the first blonde says to the other, “Wow, I think that’s the quickest we’ve ever got to the scene of an accident.”

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Funny Blonde Car Joke

A blonde pushes her car into a gas station one day.

She tells the mechanic it just died as she was driving along.

The mechanic works on it and soon has the engine idling smoothly.

The blonde asks him, “So, what’s the story?”

The mechanic says, “Just crap in the carburettor.”

The blonde asks, “Okay, how often do I have to do that?”

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Three Blondes Joke

There are these three blondes stood on one side of the river one day, wondering how they’re going to get across to the other side.

The first blonde, in desperation, begins to pray, “God please make me smart enough to get across this river.”

God hears this and turns her into a brunette and she swims across the river.

The second blonde then also starts to pray, saying, “Dear God, please make me twice as smart as the last girl so I can get across this river.”

So God turns her into a redhead and she builds a boat and rows across the river.

The third blonde, seeing this, also start to pray. She says, “Dear God, please make me twice as smart as both of those women combined.”

So God turns her into a man and she walks across the bridge.

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Crying Blonde Joke

A blonde woman turns up at work in floods of tears. Her boss asks her what’s wrong.

She replies, “My mom died.”

The boss tells her to go home but she insists she’ll be fine.

Later that day, the boss finds her in floods of tears again so he asks if she’s okay.

She replies, “Not really. I just talked to my sister and her mom died too.”

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Cooking Instructions

My blonde girlfriend has three hours of video footage of raw chicken on her iPhone.

The cooking instructions said “Remove sleeve and film”…

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Medical Exam

A blonde woman is having a medical examination at the doctor’s.

The doctor says, “Your heart, lungs, pulse and blood pressure are all fine. Now let’s check the part that gets you ladies into all kinds of trouble…”

The blonde starts taking off her knickers but is interrupted by the doctor…

“No! No! Just stick out your tongue!”